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Welcome to your new life. It’s waiting for you with open arms.

Welcoming your abundance isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s a damn rewarding process. You must be invested in achieving your personal growth goals and reaching financial freedom. If you’re a recent divorcee, alone, lost, hurt, or fearful of the next chapter, navigating your compass is the north star you’ve been searching for. 


I'm Lillie

My mission as an Empowerment divorce Coach is to light the way for your own empowerment so you can stand fully in the mirror and know that you’re embodying your best self all on your own. Sometimes we need a little extra light to shine onto our strengths and show us how special we truly are.

Together we’ll define your personal goals, welcome a new abundance, and seek to achieve financial freedom. Throughout your journey, I will hold your hand while also holding you accountable, providing you with the necessary emotional support needed when experiencing the aftermath of a divorce.

How I Can Help

My goal is for you to feel supported, empowered, and strong — because you are. There are three primary facets we’ll focus on together in order to steady your compass.

Personal Growth Goals

Setting goals is the easy part – accomplishing them is difficult. We’ll set priorities, create reasonable goals, and discover what matters the most to you. With accountability, motivation, and a light shepherding you towards your goals, you’ll be crossing them off the list in a flash.

Financial Freedom

Money is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We all have deep-seated emotions around money. With a fresh outlook on how to spend your money, we can work through your emotions so money doesn’t manage you, but you manage your money.

Managing a High-Conflict Divorce

All divorces have challenging issues.  However, a high-conflict divorce is particularly stressful. It can beat you down and make you feel even more isolated. The conflict seems to constantly bring forth all the negativity you are trying to escape.

My Divorce Empowerment Membership is designed to teach you how to tap into your inner strength and trust in your ability to manage challenging issues in the divorce. You will also learn how to “reset” yourself after the divorce. I help support you and help you recover from your high conflict toxic divorce.

My coach services and the Divorce Empowerment Membership will help you process your emotions, learn coping skills and emotional regulation tools This will reduce conflict and therefore the trauma of the divorce itself.

Managing Co-Parenting

For couples with kids, the divorce is not the end of the relationship. Through the divorce process, spouses move into the role of co-parent, with the goal of working together to raise their children. Lillie Zhan offers support on how to be a good co-parent, and what to do and not do in this new role.

It is possible for couples to become great at co-parenting during divorce. With help through divorce coaching, we can work on creating a co-parenting plan that works for the parents and the kids.

Divorce-Post Divorce

I’m not going to lie – divorce is lonely, difficult, and incredibly draining, which is why I never want anyone to experience it alone. As a divorce empowerment coach, you’ll have the companionship needed to pull yourself out of a rut. I know how bad it gets, I’ve been there myself.

Intimidation, fear, and belittling shouldn’t have space in your mind. It drives disappointing decisions. Empowerment divorce coaching exists to provide the clarity to move forward with your new-found perspective and confidence.

"Action Invites Empowerment"

Discover Your Heroic Self is an unapologetic approach to realigning your internal compass. Approach conventional habits with a tell-it-like-it-is, no-nonsense voice. The book breaks down habits to nourish your mind, sing with your soul, energize your power, and welcome your abundance. This entertaining read reminds us of the superpowers we have inside us to create our best lives.

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