There’s no reason to sugarcoat it, divorce sucks

I have walked in your shoes once before — left betrayed, with nothing but a blank slate and pieces to pick up for myself. No one should have to endure that alone. This is my intention — to help you find empowerment through a divorce.

Legal Experience

The legal world that divorce welcomes is intimidating, full of legal jargon, and leaves you opening a wound you would rather not open. I work in the legal world, so I’m well-versed with the inner legal workings and all the unknown loose ends that come with it. I want you to feel empowered, ask for what you deserve, and speak up for your demands.

Ready to embrace empowerment

Shifting your perspective doesn’t happen overnight, but growth can occur with time. My Divorce Empowerment Membership is designed to delve into your unique experience, learn where we can grow, and create concrete plans working towards your goals.

Intimidation, fear, and belittling shouldn’t have space in your mind. It drives disappointing decisions. Empowerment divorce coaching exists to provide you with the clarity to move forward with your newfound perspective and confidence.

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