I am Lillie Zhan

 I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and have been a paralegal for 15 years.

I am a professor of life.

"Falling down can lead you to your warrior self”

We are all trying to have the best life and to live our authentic life. Then why wouldn’t you want to identify what is causing your compass to be out of alignment? I am here to guide you to realign your internal compass to transform you into who you are so you can live your best life.

I have had many shit storms that have blown through my life. Married for 20 years and divorced. In the dating scene at the age of Forty.

After the divorce having dust blow through my bank accounts instead of cold hard cash. A single mother raising two sons in junior high and high school, working 2 jobs while completing my bachelor’s degree. Watching my older son join the Marines and my younger son graduating high school and then moved out of the house. (Empty Nester) Then I found a wonderful man, remarried, and gained a daughter.

During the two biggest twisters that blow through my life, I found myself experiencing emotions I have never experienced in my life. I was stuck in this continuance twister. Spinning and Spinning out of control. Dealing with anxiety, feeling paralyzed with fear, just a mass of emotions, like I was on a rolling coaster ride that would make me completely shut down to the point where I could not stay at work or wanted to drink myself into a coma. I knew this twister of emotions was never going to go away until I dealt with my reality. So, I did what every strong, stubborn single mom does, I read books, went to a divorce class, hung out with my girlfriends, and prayed.

Finally, I realized some of those strategies would help, but putting a band-aid on the pain would not stop the out-of-control spinning and realign my soul. I knew I had the wisdom and the strength to realign my internal compass to guide me in the right direction. But everything I tried wasn’t working for me. I decided to dig deep, and not repeat the same patterns. So, I created habits that worked for me. I immediately started seeing transformations in all my relationships as a mother, daughter, wife, career, and personal finances became more abundant, along with my personal growth.

How can Lillie help you?

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